CO - Cloud Officer - Role and Responsabilities

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Length 3 Days


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target Objectives

The training aims to provide the Cloud Officer with the tools and competencies to implement the job’s requirements, e.g. outsourced service monitoring, and to provide operational services to external requests from, for instance, the Internal Auditor or the Information Security Officer.

tablet Prerequistes

The following technical knowledge is required :

Basic Knowledge of Microsoft IT environment
Basic understanding of IT infrastructure & virtualization technologies
Basic understanding of Cloud technologies (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)

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The purpose of this course is to explain what the role and responsibilities of a Cloud Officer are and to provide insight into existing different Microsoft Tools and cloud Services that eases the job.

Finally, this course provides information, tools and features to help the Cloud Officer. But it isn’t a technical course !

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This course is intended for Cloud Officer, future Cloud Officer, CIO/CTO/IT Manager of CSSF regulated companies going to the Cloud.

Discover lesson plan

Module 1: Cloud Officer Role and Responsibilities

Module 2: Microsoft Cloud Computing Amendment for Financial Industry

Module 3: Introduction to Azure Office 365 for Cloud Officer

Module 4: Risk Assessment

Module 5: Compliance Tools

Module 6: Data Protection

Module 7: Security: Penetration Tests

Module 8: Additional Information&Training