ISSRW - Information Security Specialist in Remote Working

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The Information Security Specialist in Remote Working training course is an online course developed based on best practices on information security for remote working. In this one-day course, individuals and teams are provided with practical and technical knowledge and methods to ensure a safe and secure working environment. The training is packed with the Trainer Slides that will be presented by the trainer to help the candidate understand the learning material.

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1. Introduction to Remote Working• Definitions of Remote Work• The Development of Remote Work• Challenges of Remote Work• Integral Part of Business Continuity

2. IT Aspects of Remote Work• IT Infrastructure Accommodation for Remote Working• Remote Working Resources and Tools

3. Information Security• Information Security and Remote Working• Information Security Risk Management

4. Information Security Recommendations• Administrative Controls•Technical Controls• Physical ControlsIndividuals interested in obtaining the Information Security Specialist in Remote Working (ISSRW) certificate will have the opportunity to take the exam, as part of the training session. The exam has sixty (60) multiple-choice questions. Candidates have one (1) hour to complete the exam.Obtaining the TreccerT Information Security Specialist in Remote Working (ISSRW) certificate demonstrates that an individual understands and is able to implement the information security practices while working remotely.